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Board of Directors

portait pics of CREW Greater Philadelphia 2023 Board of Directors

The business and affairs of CREW Greater Philadelphia are managed by a Board of Directors that sets and oversees the accomplishment of the chapter’s strategic goals—furthering the professional development of, and helping to advance the success of, women in commercial real estate.

Serving on the CREW Greater Philadelphia Board of Directors provides a unique opportunity to enhance leadership skills and to expand networking with other ambitious women and men working in commercial real estate.

The 11 members of the CREW Greater Philadelphia Board are the President, President-Elect (and Delegate), Immediate Past President, Secretary, Treasurer, and 5 At-Large Board members, each of whom are elected by the membership, and a second Delegate who is appointed by the Board. CREW Greater Philadelphia Board members each serve staggered terms of 2 years, with the exception that the President-Elect, President, and Immediate Past President serve 1 year terms in each of those positions for a total commitment of 3 years. The second Delegate serves for a term of 1 year. The Board appoints the co-chairs of the standing committees of the Chapter, who serve staggered terms of 2 years.


Dina Miller

Rycon Construction


Annemarie Caruso

First American Title Insurance Company - National Commercial Services

Past President

Susanne M. Hanson

IMEG Consulting Corp


Annemarie Caruso

First American Title Insurance Company - National Commercial Services

Donna L. Volpone

ODP Business Solutions – Workspace Interiors


Melissa Hasenmayer

Marcum LLP


Kierstin M. Lange

Zarwin Baum DeVito Kaplan Schaer Toddy, P.C.


Janet L. Helms


Marya Liebezeit

RE Marketing Solutions

Justine Marie McGinley


Linda Plesic

Century Engineering, A Kleinfelder Company

Whitney Van Dean

CFI Workspace

Past Presidents

Sarah E. Peck 1984-1985
Lois Atalla Alexander 1986
Patricia L. Adell 1987
Susan Eaton 1988
Christine E. Brown 1989
Barbara R. Kelly 1990
Mary Colen 1991
H. Hetherington Smith 1992
Midge McCauley 1993
Mary Jean McCorry 1994
Joan C. Rosoff 1995
Shep Houston 1996
Millie C. Korn 1997

Maureen A. Ward 1998
Jennifer Jones 1999
Jacqueline Buhn 2000
Terri S. Johnson 2001
Maureen P. Hobson 2002
Nancy S. Cleveland 2003
Dayle Rosenzweig 2004
Pamela Peters Arms 2005
Lisa Keane 2006
Nina Shallcross 2007
Patricia Marie Patrick 2008
Tina R. Makoulian 2009
Deborah A. Gilmore 2010

Tracy L. Steele 2011
Sharon N. Humble 2012
Janet Kimbleton Grace 2013
Rebecca Udell 2014
Kristina C. Harshany 2015
Jeanne Armstrong 2016
Lynn A. McDowell 2017
Stephanie J. Sprenkle 2018
C. Andrea Lukens 2019
Rosemary J. Loverdi 2020
Carol Horne Penn 2021
Kathleen M. Fahy 2022
Susanne Hanson, 2023